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The Lion and the Lamb, Chapter 81
Chapter Eighty-One: Citizenship Declared
Having been left behind by her attendant, Chenoa had wandered off, curious of the calamity.  She had seen Fluttershy right before she disappeared behind the squadron of officers.  Waddling and weaving between their legs to get to her mother, she gave pause the instant Smokey came into her sight, laying on his side and groaning.  Eager to get to him too, she bounded right up to his side.
“Dada!” she cried out in elation, oblivious of her father’s pain and that his position on the ground was a signal that he was encouraging her to play with him.
“Get that baby away from him!” bellowed one of the police ponies.
Fluttershy snapped her head up, her eyes wide as she heard her child call out to the dragon.  As she turned her head, she noticed one of the officers was beginning to make the move to swoop in and scoop her up.
“No, wait, please!” she called out. “That’s my daug
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Valerie's Admirer, Chapter 17
Chapter Seventeen: The Struggles Are Real
The next episode opened up with the woman racing through the jungle, vainly calling out for anyone who might be around. As she succumbed to exhaustion, she dropped to he knees and buried her face into her palms. Her sobbing only managed to attract the attention of a hungry carnivorous show-created Pokemon. Hearing the maned lizard-like beast hiss, she screamed and scrambled to her feet, adrenaline overriding her fatigue.
The German woman ran, exhaustion creeping up on her again, but she refused to give up. After a three minute chase scene, she burst through a wall of large ferns and skidded to a halt upon seeing the cliff right in front of her. Slipping over onto her side and legs sliding over the edge, she grabbed a hold of a giant root and held on for her dear life.
The hungry Pokemon snarled, peering over the edge and down at her, maliciously baring its gleaming fangs. Valerie drew in a small breath through her nose, leaning in closer
:iconcrazyrabidpony:CrazyRabidPony 1 0
The Lion and the Lamb, Chapter 80
Chapter Eighty: A Bite of Karma
Stormy Skies would rather be anywhere but there, doing anything but this routine--though her paint was bright and cheery, the grin plastered upon her face was obviously forced as she juggled pies while riding a unicycle around Terra Cotta, who stood upright upon her hind hooves.  The small filly was wearing on her front hooves gloves with five fingers on each one.  She wavered before appearing to notice them for the first time.  Looking shocked, she attempted to remove them--only to be nailed in the face with a pie by her elder sibling.
The audience laughed uproariously as the pie hit Terra Cotta in the face, though there were certain individuals who weren’t laughing.
“Isn’t that the kid from before?” asked Rainbow Dash, squinting as to get a better view of the small filly.
The other five mares narrowed their eyelids as they pinpointed their attention to the filly, before Fluttershy gasped with recognition as
:iconcrazyrabidpony:CrazyRabidPony 2 3
The Lion and the Lamb, Chapter 79
Chapter Seventy-Nine: Stalemate
Shock pulsing through Twilight Sparkle, she attempted to magik the handkerchief out of the flames--but, as she did, it was already too late.  The cloth had already burned up; all that was left was naught but a useless pile of ash.
The rage was loud, and the response was immediate.  Applejack and Rainbow Dash were two inches away from Pendulum’s face and most certainly would have given him a double black eye had it not been for the alicorn’s aura holding them back.  Rarity was fuming, Pinkie Pie was complaining and wildly flailing her forelegs in the air, Fluttershy just stood shock still, and Applejack and Rainbow Dash--red in their faces, the latter hovering in the air, were throwing out very colorful phrases that would put any sailor to shame.
Pendulum exhumed a triumphant sigh, magically unscrewing the jar of baby food and levitating a spoon over to feed Chenoa.  Sure, he just destroyed evidence in front of a pri
:iconcrazyrabidpony:CrazyRabidPony 2 0
Valerie's Admirer, Chapter 16
Chapter Sixteen: The Third Date
As evening arose, Jackson just finished feeding Swablu and had set her down in her makeshift next, a wooden box stuffed with shredded newspaper with a heat lamp fixated onto it--the actual bulb positioned high enough not to cause any hazards or overheating--that provided UV rays to ensure she didn’t develop organ failure.  Carrying it to the coffee table, he gently set it down in order to keep an eye on her, and so the chick felt secure with him frequently in her vision.
He possessed an array of drinks and snacks--even Fraxure had baked a casserole containing noodles blended with cream cheese sitting on top of a mixture of diced tomatoes and assorted vegetables and topped with a layer of Gogoat cheese.
The clock striking five, Valerie knocked at the door, dressed in a pair of leggings, a short skirt, a shirt that exposed part of her midriff, and a light open jacket.  She had her hair styled back with a flair and twin tails in a bra
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The Lion and the Lamb, Chapter 78
Chapter Seventy-Eight: Crimes Against a Mother
Slipping underneath the tent, Fluttershy exhumed a forlorn sigh.  Closing her eyes, she made a move to begin her hunt for Pendulum when…
“Wait.” She paused in mid-step, her attention shifting to the filly at her side. “I said if we found any sign of Smokey to contact the others…”
She cast a cursory glance at her surroundings, wondering where the others had gone to search.  The mare wasn’t even sure of what to even use as a signal--and instead decided to head back to where they agreed to meet up in an hour’s time.
Having swept through the vicinity of their chosen spots, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash were congregated at their designated meeting place.
“I looked back there ten times, but I didn’t find him!” Rainbow Dash complained, crossing her forelegs over her chest as she sulked.
“I looked through all the concess
:iconcrazyrabidpony:CrazyRabidPony 3 1
The Lion and the Lamb, Chapter 77
Chapter Seventy-Seven: Arrival
A couple of days later saw the mares and troupe of stallions rolling up towards the outskirts of their destination.
“Well… here we are,” said Twilight Sparkle, eyes pinned to the sign that read ‘LAS PEGASUS CITY LIMITS: ONE MILE’ before it was passed.  Transferring her attention to the pair of stallions drawing the cart, she called out. “All right, you can stop and drop us off here!
“Thank you all for bringing us all the way here. That was awful nice of you.”
“Yeh, outside’a tryin’ to rob us, y’all ain’t too bad fer pony folk,” stated Applejack with a chuckle.  Though she had long since forgiven them, she couldn’t help but tease them about it anyway, as if it were some sort of crude joke she would never let them live down.
Starshooter cast his gaze over to the collected buildings that made up the city in the distance.
“No problem, ladies
:iconcrazyrabidpony:CrazyRabidPony 2 1
Valerie's Admirer, Chapter 15
Chapter Fifteen: Welcome to the World
By the time Jackson’s first break rolled by, the young man’s attention was averted as Fraxure burst out of the employee’s lounge and made his way up to his costumed owner.  Urgently grunting and waving his arms, the man instantaneously knew what was happening.  He couldn’t be more grateful for the convenient timing.
Remaining in character in front of the customers, he turned to Valerie and rapidly pantomimed that the egg was hatching to the best of his ability.  The woman appeared confused for the first few moments, but upon recognizing the gestures she stood up and shifted her attention to the furisode girl.
“Excuse me. I need to take care of something.”
Politely bowing her head before she left her friend, she followed Jackson and Fraxure.  Rushing into the lounge, Jackson pulled the head of his costume off and dropped to his knees before the couch where the egg was nestled, held in pl
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The Lion and the Lamb, Chapter 76
Chapter Seventy-Six: Attachment
Smokey studied the drawings as Terra Cotta flipped through them.  Impressed with the amount of talent the child displayed as he observed her.
“You have some nice pictures.”
“Tanku,” she mumbled through the crayon between her teeth.  Glancing up at him every so often, she went back down to her drawing.
It did not take long for the sketch to take form.  Within a minute she had the form of a powerful, majestic creature standing and displaying his strength--a dominating resplendence that awed those around it.  Its wings were spread wide, its tail high, muscles rippling with might.
It was Smokey as he had been during the show… though something seemed off.  Upon closer inspection, the artistic representation was lacking the chains and shackles that bound him.
The dragon was even more impressed now.  Though, the look on his representation’s face proved disturbing to him.  Those thin s
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Thanks for the birthday wishes! I really appreciate them! <3

I had a pretty good birthday. It was like any other day, but with Olive Garden. Olive Garden is yummeh~
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