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Chapter Thirteen: A Majestic Experience

Surfacing and taking in a gulp of air, Jackson proceeded to swim ahead to meet the wild Pokemon.  His attention was on the leader in front; there was no way he was going to touch the other members of his pod without his approval.  As the two met, the man tread the water, directing a wide smile up at the Lapras to show he meant no harm and waited for the marine mammal to make the first move.

A time period of a few minutes elapsed when Lapras lowered his head to curiously sniff the human.  Detecting no danger from him, he smiled and permitted Jackson to run his hand over his nose.

Valerie’s smile broke out into a broader grin, looking VERY impressed.  Crossing one hand over the other, as she watched with a wistful expression.  He really did have a way with Pokemon, she surmised.

The man continued to coast his hand up and down the slick, rubbery skin of Lapras’ head before the large Pokemon rose his head to signal to the others that he was safe.  At this gesture, more Lapras glided closer and were subsequently given attention by the human.  Even a baby was allowed near him, and even more surprising, he was allowed to touch the young one.

By now, there was a crowed amassed along the shore, snapping photos and recording videos with their phones.  Valerie, raising her hand, brought it to her mouth as she turned to Juliana.

“Goodness! This is amazing! He’s… he’s incredible.”

Juliana observed her son with a tranquil, yet proud smile.

“He is, isn’t he? He has always been like this, even as a young boy. His first Pokemon wasn’t even given to him, nor was he loaned a Pokemon to help him catch it. He befriended his Dratini and it wanted to be his.”

The Fairy-type trainer adopted a look of bewilderment.

“Really! He has never told me about that at all!”

The older woman turned a smirk to Valerie.

“Well, he probably would have eventually.”

Jackson climbed upon the Lapras leader’s back and rested himself there on his knees, placing a hand on the back of the creature’s neck to help support himself.  With a wide berth, he turned his attention to Valerie and his mother.  Raising an arm, Juliana waved.  With a chuckle, he waved back, then shifted back to Lapras and whispered to him.

“Lapras? See that woman up there in the pink, with the long black hair? I… well… Mind swimming up to her and the woman next to her?” He paused as he noticed the Pokemon looked apprehensive. “You see… I really like her.” He paused again with a soft blush, the Lapras smiling in amusement. “And… you know how it is when you like a female.”

Indeed, Lapras knew how it was.  He knew all too well.  Turning his gaze over his shoulder, he emitted a loving croon to the largest female, who returned it zealously.  Caving in, he began to lead the group towards the two women.

Valerie’s eyes went round as the horde made their way over.  Glancing briefly over at Juliana, she returned her line of sight to Jackson and the Lapras he was riding on, heart tripping in her chest.  Lapras did more than just approach--he extended his head to the railing.  Sliding out of her seat, Juliana reached over to touch the Pokemon’s head, looking positively thrilled.  The Gym Leader, too, moved closer to pet his head--caressing his cheek and chin with a warm smile.  Heart beating a little faster, she sighed softly and gazed into his gentle and intelligent eyes.

“Such a beautiful creature,” said Valerie.

“Yeah… he really is,” Jackson agreed.

The Lapras closed his eyes partially and held still, feeling the man climb up his neck and hold onto his spiral ears.  Holding himself there, Jackson stared up at Valerie, his cheeks flushing lightly.  The woman herself, tore her attention from the Lapras and shifted her attention to the man, the corners of her mouth extending into a larger smile.

“You are amazing, you know that?”

Jackson smiled sheepishly, his blush deepening.

“She’s right, you know,” Juliana chuckled as she sat back down.

“Um… uh. I… uh…”

He trailed off, unable to even say anything more as he locked eyes with Valerie, his heart picking up speed.  The woman went quiet for a few seconds.  Looking down at her clothes, a simple pair of jean shorts, a pink blouse, and flip-flops, she then lifted her eyes back to Lapras.

“Would… would it be possible to fit another person on your back, Lapras?”

Stomach jumping, Jackson released Lapras’ ears and landed back on the Pokemon’s back to sit back down.

“How about it, Lapras?”

Sensing the man really wanted the woman to join them, he nodded.  Beaming, Valerie leaned forward to plant a kiss on the creature’s cheek, before hopping the railing to join Jackson on Lapras’ back.  Sitting in a sidesaddle position, she slid both of her arms around him.  Jackson locked up and relaxed.  As Lapras turned around and swam further out, he rotated halfway so his side was facing her and slipped an arm around her waist with a shy smile.  The young woman tilted her head back to meet his gaze, her cheeks dusting over with a light pink.

“This is amazing. Thank you, Jackson.”

Chest swelling with a glowing warmth, he turned himself fully to her and positioned himself onto his knees.  She was so beautiful, he thought to himself--the setting sun bathing everything, including her, in its warm colors.

“… L… Lapras… is… the one who… sh-should… be thanked.”

Valerie reached over to stroke the beast’s neck.

“Thank you, Lapras.”

Lapras glanced back at the humans to smile at them in acknowledgement, then directed his attention back to his pod.

Jackson kept his eyes on her.  Judging by the sudden warmth and intensity in his chest that exceeded mere infatuation, he was starting to suspect if NOW he was beginning to fall in love with her.

Valerie sighed, leaning her head against Jackson’s shoulder.  Closing her eyes halfway, she inhaled the salty air encompassing them, sinking into his embrace with a peaceful expression upon her face.  Heart hammering against his ribcage, he tightened his hold a little bit and rested his chin on top of her cranium with a serene smile.  Shutting his eyes with a blissful sigh, he was now certain that he was in love.

Valerie couldn’t help but doze off while in Jackson’s arms.  Her breath soft, her fingers curled over his skin.  The man let out another ecstatic sigh as the two of them sat there on the Lapras.  As the calf drifted closer, he snapped to attention.


Her eyes slowly opened with a sleepy smile.

“Hmm? Yes, Jackson?”

“Look,” he replied, gesturing to the baby Lapras with a nod of his head.

Following his line of vision, she released a gasp and clapped her hands together with a squeal.

“Oh! How sweet! A baby Lapras!”

The man couldn’t help but feel a wave of euphoria at her excitement.

“Wanna touch it?” he offered. “I was allowed to pet it.”

She nodded and extended her hand out to it--gently, almost gingerly, not wishing to intimidate it.  The little one didn’t flinch, not the least bit frightened.  In fact, it squealed and flapped its front flippers playfully.

“It’s all right,” Jackson reassured her. “It’s not afraid.”

Valerie’s grin extended even further, leaning farther--but let out a cry the instant she slipped off the adult’s back and landed into the water.  She surfaced, wiping the salty liquid from her eyes.  Nonplussed, she lurched forward to the baby Lapras to throw her arms around its neck in a hug.

Jackson had been about to ask if she was all right with an expression of concern, but seeing that she was fine, a smile broke out on his visage.

“Hehe.” Sliding off of and plunging into the water, he swam over to rub a hand against the baby’s slippery neck. “Cuddly, huh?”

The woman nodded in agreement.  Unfurling her arms from the creature’s neck, she gave it a few rubs on the chest and climbed onto its back.

“Very cuddly.”

The baby squealed and whistled, reaching back to playfully nudge the woman in the cheek then nip Jackson on the shoulder.

“Hey!” he chuckled.  The nip left a red mark, but it didn’t draw any blood or cause any damage to his skin.  Sweeping a hand back, he swung it back around to send a splash at the Pokemon.

Whistling in delight, Lapras swung its head to splash him back.  Laughing, Valerie nuzzled it in the neck as she observed it and Jackson play together.  Bringing her fingers to her lips, she couldn’t help but admire him all over again.  Recovering from the splash, Jackson sent another at the calf.  As he turned his back to the Pokemon to shield his face from another incoming splash, he noticed that the crowd had grown significantly.

“I guess people don’t see things like this every day.”

Her eyes rolling towards the crowd, she shook her head.

“No. Lapras are really, really rare. To see an entire pod out here like this…”

Turning back around to face her, he drifted closer and curled his arm around the Lapras’ neck.

“… This turned out to be an amazing day…”

“Indeed, this has proven to be quite memorable!” She briefly giggled. “Thank you, Jackson.”

“Heh… Mom did suggest the trip… But… you’re welcome, Valerie.”

Valerie glanced off for a moment.

“Well, I mean, if it wasn’t for you calling the Lapras over… This is so amazing! I never would have dreamed of anything like this.”

Jackson furled his other arm around the baby Lapras to issue him a slightly tighter hug.

“If you continue… hanging around with me, things like this will… happen again.”

“Really?” The woman placed a hand on her cheek. “Hmm. I look forward to everything.”

Jackson’s cheeks were tinged with pink yet again.

“This isn’t the first time I played with wild Pokemon.”

“Juliana mentioned something like that to me. And I should have guessed when you helped that Buizel out last week. You really DO have a way with Pokemon.”

“She… mentioned Dratini, didn’t she?”

Valerie nodded.

“Yes, she did.” Her smile faltered only a little. “I’m sorry, Jackson.”

Jackson was met with confusion at Valerie’s apology.

“Sorry for what?”

“I didn’t think that you would be really appreciative of your mother telling me something YOU didn’t.”

The man smiled gently.

“I’m sure I would’ve brought it up sometime.”

“I probably should have asked. Still, though…”

She paused to reach out and brush her fingers over his cheek.  Blush darkening, Jackson stared up at her in surprise at the touch, his heart pumping faster.  Removing his arms from Lapras’ neck, he slid his fingers over the hand on his cheek.  She looked from her hand, to his face and into his eyes.  The light glinting off her obsidian hair made it shimmer in the dusk and her eyes sparkle with a diamond-like gleam, a rainbow hue surrounding her from the droplets on her body.

Jackson was awestruck by her.  His breath hitching in his throat, he was left breathless for a second before he found the ability to breathe again.  His heart fluttering, an adoring smile tipped his lips, his fingers curling around her hand.  Valerie couldn’t help but gaze into his bright blue eyes, becoming somewhat lost in them.  Her heart stopped for just half a second, and turned her attention back towards the shore--and blushed as she noticed how many people were there.

Turning towards the direction Valerie was focused on, he blushed as well.

“That’s… a lot of people.”

She tensed up a little as she realized the implications this would lead to with her celebrity status.

“We… we should get back to shore.”

“I suppose…” He turned back to the Lapras leader. “Mind giving us a lift back, Lapras?”

Smiling, Lapras nodded.  Letting go of Valerie’s hand, Jackson swam back to the large Pokemon to climb aboard his back.  Kissing the baby on the side of the head, she followed suit.
Chapter Seventy-Three: The Path to Las Pegasus

Time passed into the somber twilight, and saw the filly fidgeting and squirming on the pile of hay.  Whimpering, she cried audibly as she kicked out.  After a moment, all four of her legs flailed out, pumping as if she were on the run from something.  The sounds emanating from the child soon awoke the dragon beside her.  Yawning, he rubbed his eyes, chains clinking from the movement.  Once he was more adjusted to the dim lighting, he could make out the frantic figure of Terra Cotta.  That, combined with the whimpering she created caused realization to spring upon him.

Bringing a hand to her shoulder, Smokey gently shook her.

“Terra Cotta… Wake up. You’re having a bad dream.”

“Noooo!” Terra Cotta cried as he touched her.  Jumping, she huddled into a ball.  Her forelegs covering her head, she sobbed pitifully. “Pleas don’ hit me again, St’rmy Skies! Pleas don’! ‘M s’rry! ‘M s’rry!

Stormy Skies…  So that is what her sister’s name was…

“Terra Cotta, it’s me, Smokey!” In an effort to comfort her, he scooped up the child and held her against his torso. “It’s all right. It’s all right. You do not have to worry about her now.”

Quaking and sobbing, the small filly trembled and held herself against the draconian’s chest.  Looking up at his face, she shook her head and closed her eyes again, heaving as she tried to shake off the last vestiges of the nightmare she had been through.

Embracing her in one arm, Smokey stroked her mane with the other hand in order to soothe her.

“It’s all right,” he repeated softly. “She’s not here…”

The little one choked and sniffled a bit, burying her head against his chest and the cold chains keeping him bound.

“Sh’ skurs me,” she whimpered. “Sh’ hates me…”

“Now, how can anypony hate a cute little darling like you?” Smokey questioned, more than a little curious over the filly’s older sibling.

“Dunno.” She sniffled again. “Sez… sh’ hates me. Sh’ sez b’d tings. V’ry b’d tings.”

She screwed up her face in rage.

“I hate yu!” she spat in a high-pitched, younger, speech impeded, but otherwise rather scarily accurate impression. “I wish you wer nev’r born! Stupid! Usel’ss! Trash!”

Just hearing these words brought forth a pang of sympathy for the filly.  Lowering his head, he nuzzled her forehead gently as to not jostle any pain from the gash.

“That’s… horrible…” Still stroking her mane, he drew her closer. “Just know, nothing your sister says is true. Everypony is good for something. Everypony has a reason for being alive… I… thought… my existence was taking care of this mare and baby griffon, but… I suppose here is where I belong…”

Terra Cotta glanced up to stare at him for a good moment, remaining silent until she decided to speak up.

“Yur good,” she said. “… Yur… nice.”

Trying to force back his sadness, he pushed a smile onto his face.

“I try to be…”

“You are.” Terra Cotta’s frown deepened. “… Wish St’rmy was nice… I hate her, too!”

Her brow sank further, her face contorting into a scowl, and then--as if in emphasis--spat on the floor off to the side.

Smokey couldn’t blame her for her feelings towards her sister, but it still disturbed him to see an equine so young feel so much hatred.

“Terra… it’s not good for somepony to hate. It only leads to more and more hate. I know it is going to be hard for you, but you need to learn to forgive.”

Terra Cotta stared at him in puzzlement, her brain having not yet registered the meaning of the word “forgive”.  Smokey immediately recognized the look of bafflement upon her face.

“Forgiving is pardoning something somepony had done to you, and you try to put it behind you.”

“… Par… do… ning?” she repeated, very slowly and with great difficulty.  She didn’t understand the meaning, though the expression in her eyes suggested she had a sort of vague comprehension of the term.

Smokey wracked his brain for a better description that a child her age would be able to understand.

“It’s… it’s… uh… to excuse somepony and not be angry at them anymore.”

This explanation seemed to come across to a point where she understood--and she didn’t seem to particularly like it one bit.

“She hits me!” she retorted. “All time, she hits me! It… it hurt. I no-no why… Why she alway hit me? Why she hate me? Why? I don’ unastan.”

“I know it can be hard… I wasn’t treated very well my entire life by ponies, and… I’ve learned that forgiving is better than letting hatred grow inside of you.”

“… You wer hit, too?” The corners of her lips drooped. “… Ponies hate you?”

“Oh, yes. Not too long ago, I was hit with a rake and a lot of ponies threw cake and pie at me. Even though ponies may hate me, I don’t hate them.”

The filly was rather surprised at this revelation, and gave a questioning tilt of her head.

“… Why?”

The dragon struggled for a moment to think of a reason.  He didn’t quite understand himself.  With how he had been brought up, he should abhor the equine race, but… he didn’t.  Like he said before, it was better to forgive than let hatred stew within him and build.

“I guess… it’s just not in me to hate somepony… Not for long, anyway.”

The child still seemed befuddled about this, but she tore her eyes away from Smokey, as if in contemplation.  Snuggling up against his warm scales, she yawned and began to feel sleepy again--though, struggled to remain awake.

The winged beast smiled down at her, threading his fingers through her mane.

“It’s okay to go back to sleep, Terra.” He had been about to add ‘You’re safe as long as you’re with me’, but the mental imagery of Pendulum’s bloodied foreleg prevented him from doing so, and instead said, “… Your sister cannot get to you if you are with me.”

This seemed to appease the girl, and she issued a weak, yet notable smile.  It did not take much longer for her to fall back asleep.  Nightmares that usually plagued her slumber would leave her alone tonight.


“Okay…” Twilight Sparkle said, observing that the tracks left by Smokey had come to a halt.  There were a few tracks from the train-carriage, but they were lost in the underbrush and thick grasses of the Everfree Forest. “NOW what?”

Fluttershy whimpered, biting her lower lip.  The Everfree Forest had always scared her as she was never certain of the dangers that lurked within its confines--however, she usually had her friends with her when they went into it, and, as she steeled herself, she remembered she was doing it for Smokey.

“Ah have an idea,” Applejack proclaimed. “Why don’t we ask Zecora? She might’ve seen somethin’!”

“Good idea, Applejack! Let’s go!” As the princess turned off, she spotted a simple wooden carriage that was being drawn by two burly stallions nearby, who were heading towards the road that ran abreast of the forest.  They weren’t moving fast, cruising along at a leisure pace. “On second thought, why don’t we just ask them?”

As the mares trotted into their direction, the lavender alicorn called out to them.

“Sirs! Excuse me, sirs!” Stopping next to them as they came to a cessation, she greeted them with a smile. “Pardon us, but we’re looking for another carriage--a very LARGE carriage, several cars in length, looks kind of like a train? Did you see anything like that pass by here?”

Exchanging glances with each other before smiling, the stallions turned their gaze back to the mares and nodded.  A chestnut pinto opened his mouth to reply.

“Yeah, we seen it. It went along the path a few days ago.”

“Need a lift?” asked the other stallion, a palomino pinto.

Twilight Sparkle had been about to answer when Applejack cut her off.

“You’d do that for us? That’s might kind of ya!”

“Such gentle colts!” Rarity complimented.

Fluttershy was hesitant.  She had a bad feeling about this--something seemed off to her.

“I’m… not sure about this girls…” she said in a low voice.

“Not sure? We got plenty o’ room,” said the palomino, jerking his head into the direction of the cart, which was only partially full of freshly chopped wood. “There’s firewood in there, but it’s still spacious.”

Twilight Sparkle gratefully bowed her head.

“That’s really gracious of you, sirs. Thank you!”

She moved to the back of the wagon, as did Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity--who expressed delight at not having to walk.  Fluttershy, though, hadn’t moved.  She glanced over and was partially relieved to see that Applejack hadn’t, either, suspicion labeled upon her countenance.

“Applejack, Fluttershy, come on!” Rainbow Dash urged the remaining two of their party. “This’ll get us to Smokey faster!”

The two mares looked to each other warily, before they nodded and climbed aboard.  The farmer sat next to the pink-haired pegasus to place a comforting foreleg on her back for a second after they were seated.  Once the stallions were sure everyone was safely seated, they were on their way.

“So, you want to go where this carriage-train went, right?” queried the chestnut pinto.

“Um, yes.” Fluttershy answered with a nod. “We’re looking for somepony very important to m--to us.”

“Who is this somepony, if I may ask?” inquired the other stallion. “Maybe we can help.”

There was a pause among the six, all glancing between one another as if asking if they should relay the full story.

“His name is Smokey,” Fluttershy finally said. “He’s my boyfriend. Or rather, I was going to ask him… if… he… would… well…” She shook her head, furrowing her brow. “I love him, that’s all that matters! I love him and I never got to tell him!”

“What happened to him, miss? What made him leave?” came the question from the other stallion.

“An accident. A horrible, horrible accident. He thought he… severely injured somepony and left before he felt he could hurt anypony else. But it wasn’t his fault! That’s why I’m heading out to… to find him. To tell him everything’s all right. To tell him I love him…” Fluttershy cast her eyes downward. “… And to ask him to come home with me.”

“He thought he hurt somepony? That’s… unusual. Are you sure you want him back and not convict him to a mental ward?”

“It was an accident,” the yellow-furred pegasus stressed. “And it turns out the pony who we thought was injured wasn’t injured at all!”

“I don’t understand. Why would somepony do that to your boyfriend?”

“We… we really don’t know,” Fluttershy lied, turning her gaze away.  It would’ve been one thing to admit he was kidnapped.  It would’ve been another thing to entirely admit so he could be shown off.

“Fair ‘nough. So you think he ran away to the circus, huh?” the chestnut chuckled.

Fluttershy delivered a glare for making light of the situation, clearly put out by his cavalier attitude.

“As a matter of fact,” she began softly, but sternly, “Yes, I do.”

“Sounds like a fun trip, doesn’t it, brother?”

The palomino nodded.

“We just might have to take you the whole trip. I heard they’re on their way to Las Pegasus.”

“Las Pegasus,” Fluttershy mirrored.

“Oooh! I’ve always wanted to see Las Pegasus!” Pinkie Pie chimed. “Bright lights, fun games, exotic shows!”

“Pinkie, we’re not there for a vacation, we’re going to rescue Smokey!” Twilight Sparkle admonished.

“Come on. Can’t we have some fun after we spring Smokey?” Rainbow Dash requested, casting a glance over at the alicorn.

The young princess paused.

“Well, I suppose we could relax for a bit. Fluttershy?”

“I just want to be in his arms again, and have him in mine…” Fluttershy sighed.

“You’ll get plenty of time to do that after we get him back,” Rainbow Dash reminded her fellow pegasus with a reassuring smile.

Twilight Sparkle smiled weakly, as Applejack lightly rubbed the yellow feathered equine’s back.

“You truly do miss him, don’t you?”

“It feels like part of myself is missing…” Fluttershy sank into Applejack’s embrace, before she sighed and forced a smile. “But I’ll be all right. Don’t worry about me, girls--I know we’ll get him back.”
The Lion and the Lamb, Chapter 73
After following a baby griffon into a dangerous situation, Fluttershy finds herself rescued by a kind-hearted dragon and ends up befriending him. Ultimately, they both decide to raise the child together in a platonic relationship. As Fluttershy and her friends spend time with the lonely dragon, the more he learns about friendship and the more he reveals about his tragic past.

Co-authored by: :iconekardshadowreaver:

Chapter One:…
Chapter Twelve: A Day Out in Courmarine City

The trio exited the cab to be welcomed by the salty air permeating Courmarine City.  Immediately, Juliana released her Kangaskhan and Jigglypuff, both Pokemon stretching and yawning as if waking up from a lengthy slumber.  Jackson, choosing to keep his Pokemon in their Balls, greeted them with a warm smile.  Pausing, he dropped his eyes to the egg in his arms as he felt movement originating from beneath the shell.  Valerie chose to let out Sylveon, who stretched out and nuzzled his trainer’s leg.  Purring softly, he moved over to Juliana to rub up against the woman’s legs in a friendly gesture.

Lowering her gaze to Sylveon, Juliana beamed, bringing a hand to the Pokemon’s head right before he went back to Valerie.

“What a pretty fairy you are! Yes, you are!” she squealed, then took notice of Jackson out of the corner of her eye and arched a brow with a knowing smile. “Feeling the baby move?”

Lifting his eyes to meet his mother’s, Jackson nodded with a soft smile.

“You should have seen him last night,” Juliana said as her attention jumped to Valerie.  This instantly grabbed Jackson’s full attention, the young man tensing up with a blush in predetermined embarrassment. “He was asleep holding the egg in his arms and his Pokemon were curled up around him. It was an absolutely adorable sight!”

The man’s blush deepened while Valerie emitted a chuckle.

“I can imagine. Sylveon often curls up next to me in bed.”

“My Jigglypuff always sleeps in bed with me and my husband, even though he doesn’t like it.”

The pink-furred balloon Pokemon closed her eyes with a happy expression as she vocalized a couple of syllables.

“I can understand why.” Valerie chuckled. “I wouldn’t really like any Pokemon sleeping in the same bed with me and my spouse… Erm, if… I were married.”

Jackson stared at the woman in confusion, not really understanding the issue.

“Why not?”

The Gym Leader turned to him.

“Well, my bed would just be for me and my husband, right? I wouldn’t mind getting a smaller, separate bed for my Pokemon.”

He could understand this, but he would rather be surrounded by Pokemon.

“I just figured sharing a bed with my wife and Pokemon would… mean… more snuggling,” he rationalized.

“I suppose it depends on the Pokemon sharing the bed with you,” Valerie said, the mental image of sharing a bed with a Sandslash making her slightly wince.

“Would you mind sharing a bed with my Pokemon?” he questioned, his blush returning upon realizing the implication. “I-I mean… uh…”

Julie giggled in amusement while Valerie merely retained her calm smile.

“I suppose I wouldn’t mind. That Dratini of yours is incredibly cute.”

Jackson was quite pleased with this.

“He loves to cuddle.”

“Mhm. He’s a sweetheart,” Juliana agreed. “You can tell a lot about someone by the personalities of their Pokemon. I’m sure meeting Jackson’s Pokemon has said a few things about him.”

Giving Valerie a wink, she proceeded to head off into a direction, the younger woman following suit and joining her side with Jackson and the Pokemon at their heels.

Valerie chuckled and nodded.

“They have. They’ve shown me that Jackson is a very caring individual.”

Jackson blushed and averted his eyes, but thankfully was alerted by Jigglypuff of a crack in the sidewalk before he could trip.

The group entered a few clothing stores, scouring the inventory.  On a few occasions, Juliana requested the opinion of Valerie on several outfits she had picked out.  The Fairy-type trainer was more than happy to utilize her fashion expertise.  Explaining to the elder woman that she was once a model, she dispensed tips and pointers on what colors looked best, how some colors blended and complimented each other, even modeling new outfits herself.

After choosing a pair of black dress pants and a white button-up shirt from the men’s section, Juliana draped them over her son’s shoulder and snatched the egg from his arms.

“Valerie, sweetie, why don’t you fit Jackson into those clothes?”

Jackson had been mildly disoriented as his mother suddenly and unexpectedly draped clothing on his shoulder and took his egg, then asked Valerie to escort him to a fitting room.


Nodding and taking the clothing to fold them over her arm, she grasped onto Jackson’s hand with her free hand.  Turning into the direction of the fitting rooms, she glanced over her shoulder to smile at the man.

“Well? Shall we try on a new outfit?”

“Uh, sure,” he replied, pink dusting over his cheeks and his stomach flopping at the fact that she was holding his hand.

Cradling the egg, Juliana sent the pair a wink as they turned to her one last time, causing the both of them to blush--predominately Jackson.  Swallowing hard, the young man followed Valerie to the changing station.

“Um… sorry Mom has been… teasing you… Us,” Jackson apologized as Valerie let go of his hand.

She shook her head, showing that she wasn’t at all bothered.

“It’s fine. My mother likely would have done the same had she been here with us.”

Jackson exhaled on a sigh, briefly running his fingers over the back of his neck.

“Yeah. She’s… just excited… seeing me with a woman.”

Valerie put on a slightly playful smile, handing over the articles of clothing.

“Hoping for someone to take care of you?”

The blush re-appeared on Jackson’s face.

“And… having me take care of someone… And grandchildren.”

Her smile broadened.

“Ooooh, I would love children,” she said, following it with a giggle.

“Heh. Yeah, I love kids. I entertain them for a living, so… I think I’d be a good dad.”

The woman went a little pink in her cheeks.

“The way you treat your Pokemon? I would like to think you would, too.”

“For now, my Pokemon… are my kids.” Jackson gave pause, then spoke again. “That’s not weird, is it?”

She shook her head.

“No, not at all. I view my Pokemon the same way… People… Pokemon… we’re all one and the same.”

“It seems that way, doesn’t it? I mean, Fraxure likes to watch cooking shows and cook and bake. Goomy likes to draw. Heck, even Dratini won a few games of poker when we played.”

A look of bemusement stole over Valerie’s face.

“Really? Huh! I never thought he would have been able to do that… Lack of hands and all.”

“He uses his tail and mouth,” Jackson clarified, slipping into one of the changing rooms.  He remains in there only long enough to change into the dress pants and shirt.  He felt a little out of place in the clothing, considering what he was used to wearing. “H… how do I look?”

Looking him over, her face was tinged with a light shade of pink.

“You look rather handsome, actually. Get a blazer and a tie on you, and you’ll look like you’re ready for a business meeting.”

Beaming, another blush bloomed upon Jackson’s cheeks.

“H-handsome, huh? Heh… Thanks…”

The man received a confirming nod from the young woman.

“Hmm. Quite handsome.”

He felt ecstatic to hear this--that she actually found him handsome.

“I… think I’ll get this, then.”

After visiting one final store, the group gathered at one of the restaurants located along the seashore, managing to acquire a table along the railing separating them from the ocean.  All of the Pokemon had been let out to eat their fill and quench their thirst along with the humans.  By the time Jackson was halfway finished with his pasta, the collective chatter of a nearby assembling of people reached his ears, clamoring and leaning over the railing.  Following their line of vision, he spotted a pod of Lapras in the distance.

Valerie and Juliana, too, were pleasantly surprised to see an entire horde of the transport Pokemon, gliding over the waves, diving, and breaching.  It was truly a magnificent sight to behold.

Gasping in awe with wide eyes, Valerie brought a hand to her mouth, transfixed by the beasts.

“Oh… wow…! How beautiful!”

With the egg now safely secured within Kangaskhan’s pouch with her baby, Jackson cupped his hands on both sides of his mouth and let out a Lapras call, causing the Lapras to turn their heads into his direction.  He had the ability to imitate many Pokemon, but it had taken many years of practice to perfect.  The large male in the front, presumably the leader, even returned the call, which the man responded to.

Valerie whipped her head between him and the Lapras with bewilderment, rather impressed.  The people close by, who had invested their curiosity, even seemed impressed--at least intrigued--by the exchange.

After a few more calls, the leader began to direct the pod closer.  Grinning, the man pushed himself out of his chair.  Removing his vest, wife beater, shoes, and socks, he climbed over the railing and dove right into the water, his mother just sitting there with a calm smile, acting as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.
Chapter Eleven: The Surprise Visit

Two hours elapsed and the game’s fellowship traveled quite a ways in the first evening, encountering various monsters and acquiring new weapons and items from their kills.  By then, everyone--sans Valerie--had gotten three beers into their systems and they were beginning to get a little rowdy.  Manson, Gray, and even Tatiana developed foul mouths, throwing obscenities and colorful insults at each other.  None of them took any offense though.  They were comfortable and close enough to call each other something foul in a playful manner, and even laugh at it.

Valerie couldn’t help but frown at the insults and obscenities that were slung around, but said nothing about it.  She wasn’t close to these people as Jackson was to them, and tried not to get involved with any of the insulting.

A short while later, Espurr let out a yawn--as did several of the other Pokemon, who had made their way into the house around an hour ago--, signaling that it was getting late for them.

“It’s been fun, but I need to get going,” said Tatiana, stretching out her arms and curling them back around the feline.

“Mhm… It’s been a fun evening.” Jerry placed his hands upon his lower back and released some tension stored away as he turned his attention to Valerie. “Thank you so much for joining us.”

Manson nodded and jerked his neck with a resounding pop.

“Wouldn’t mind havin’ ya again.”

“Yeah, same here!” Gray agreed.

A smile graced the black-haired woman’s face.

“Hmm. So, do we meet here every week?” she inquired.

“Every Saturday,” Jackson affirmed with a nod.

“I just wondered. I wasn’t sure if you meet at every one else’s house or if this was a regular meeting place.”

“It’s always here. Each week, someone brings the beer.” Jackson paused as he remembered what she said earlier. “But… we can have something different for you.”

The young woman’s smile pulled wider.

“I would… I would love that.”

Another blush dusted over his cheeks.

“What… what would you like me to have here for you?”

She averted her gaze briefly.

“Oh, I don’t have any real preferences. Anything non-alcoholic would suit me just fine.”

“I’ll get something good for you.”

Getting up, Gray walked around the couch and made his way to the door to leave for the night.  As he pulled the door open, an expression of surprise stole over his face, then was quickly replaced with amusement.  Shifting to Jackson’s direction, he called over to the man to attain his attention.

“Hey, Jackson! There’s a crazy old lady here to see you!”

There was an immediate laugh from what sounded like a middle-aged woman that Jackson was familiarized with.  The addressed man’s eyes snapped open wide in surprise in response, springing out of his seat and standing straight up.


Everyone else remaining, too, turned their attention towards the doorway, as they--with the exception of Valerie--recognized the voice, their faces lighting up.

“Oh? Your mother…?” Valerie parroted, pushing herself off of the couch with an investigative stare at the doorway.

“Hahahaha! Juliana’s here?” Getting up, Manson pulled two Poke’ Balls out of his pants pocket to withdraw his Marowak and his wife’s Furfrou before making his way to the door.  Spotting a woman that resembled Jackson, wearing dark blue capris, a white tank top, and a yellow sweater with the sleeves tied firmly around her waist, a wide, welcoming smile spread across his face. “Julie! It’s been a while!”

Holding her Espurr close, Tatiana leaped from her seat as Jerry collected his Jynx and folded up the chair he had brought, the both of them heading over to meet the woman.

“Hey, Julie!” Tatiana greeted cheerfully. “What brings you here?”

“Hello, Juliana,” said Jerry in his own usual joviality. “Looking lovely as ever.”

“Hi, everyone!” the woman replied with energetic enthusiasm, her and the Kangaskhan sporting broad grins. “I thought I’d come from Blackthorn for a surprise visit.”

“Well, I’m surprised,” piped Jackson as he approached the doorway. “Hi, Mom.”

Coming up from behind the man, Valerie stopped at his side to fixate her gaze upon the older woman.

“Hello… Juliana? My name is Valerie.”

Juliana switched her vision to the woman beside her son.

“Hello, there.” There was a brief pause as she studied her facial features and recognition reached her. “THE Valerie? The Gym Leader? My! Keeping my son out of trouble?”

Valerie nodded once, fleetingly distracted as Juliana and Kangaskhan stepped aside to let Jackson’s friends outside, Tatiana deciding to stick around for a little longer.

“Indeed, miss. And, yes, he’s been… pleasant to be around.” She emitted a short giggle. “I never thought I would be meeting you so soon.”

“Well, here I am!” she said, spreading her arms out as if presenting herself for the first time.  Dropping her arms to her sides, she turned to her son. “And I have something for you, Jackson.”

The man’s face morphed into an expression of intrigue.  Turning around, Juliana bent over and buried her hands into her Kangaskhan’s pouch.  Fumbling around in the space next to the baby, she pulled out a Pokemon egg.  Turning back around, she held out the object to Jackson.

“Happy birthday!”

“Birthday?” Chuckling, Jackson reached out to accept it, cradling it in his arms. “My birthday’s not until five months.”

“Happy EARLY birthday!”

“Someone’s gonna be a daddy,” Tatiana said with a smirk, then finally decided to take her leave.

Blinking, Valerie stepped closer to get a better look at the egg.

“Is… is that a Kangaskhan egg, Miss Juliana?”

The older woman giggled.

“Oh, no. It’s something entirely different, but I’ll leave that a surprise.”

“Yeah? Gonna keep me in suspense until it hatches?” Jackson pressed with a playful grin directed at his mother.

“I am.”

“Well, if you need any help hatching the egg, I’ll certainly be glad to offer my assistance,” Valerie proposed.

“I’m sure he’s capable of handling it himself,” said Juliana. “He has quite a connection with Pokemon.”

Shifting her eyes to the other woman, Valerie nodded in confirmation.

“I’ve no doubt of that. He looks like he has a special affinity for them. His Pokemon love him very much.”

Stomping over, Kangaskhan sidled up to Jackson’s other side and wrapped her arms around his waist to pick him up in a side hug, causing a few audible cracks and a groan to originate from the man.

“Kangaskhan missed you, sweetie!” Juliana squealed, bliss emanating from her. “Do you have anything to say to her?”

“… My… spine…”

Valerie winced as the cracks reached her ears.

“Are you all right, Jackson?” she questioned, appearing incredibly concerned.

“I’m… fine. Don’t worry.” Putting on a reassuring and strained grin, he tilted his head up to the Pokemon. “Nice to see you, too, Kangaskhan.”

Kangaskhan said her name with a wide berth lighting up her visage, and let him down.  Relieved, Valerie lifted a hand to run it down Jackson’s arm.

“Good. I was worried for a moment.”

Hugging the egg a little tighter, Jackson blushed softly at the touch and turned to Valerie with an affectionate smile.  Noticing the look on her son’s face, a knowing smirk stretched across Juliana’s face.

“Somebody has a crush.”

Jackson’s blush deepened, his smile fading with embarrassment.


Going pink in the cheeks, Valerie turned away, brushing a hand over the back of her neck.

“Oh! I knew it!” Juliana exclaimed with a laugh.

Confused, Valerie returned her attention back to the elder woman.

“Knew… what?”

“My son has a crush. He cannot hide anything from me.”

Valerie’s blush returned.

“Erm… Well…”

“Oh, all right, we won’t talk about it.” She went quiet as Jackson exhumed a relieved sigh, then spoke again. “I was thinking about going shopping tomorrow at Courmarine City. Would you like to come along, Valerie? Have a little girl time? And I suppose we can bring Jackson.” She leaned in to whisper. “And maybe actually get him in some stylish clothes.”

This proposition came so unexpected, that Valerie was uncertain of what to say.  She just met this woman, and yet, she was inviting her to go shopping with her.  She couldn’t help but feel touched.

“Oh? Um, all right. That sounds lovely!” she accepted, smile tipping her lips. “Thank you, Miss Juliana.”

“A visit to Courmarine sounds fun,” said Jackson.

Even though he found the idea of following woman around for hours scouring clothes boring, he was looking forward to spending time with his mother and Valerie.  It was a perfect opportunity to get closer to her and get her further acquainted with the other woman, certain that she would just love her.

Not to mention that he had always loved the oceanic atmosphere.  A beautiful ocean view was an ideal romantic setup.
Chapter Seventy-Two: Terra Cotta

Within hours, the fast-flying pegasus made his way to his destination: Las Pegasus.  The child in his foreleg had been crying in terror through the entire trip, not used to flying at such speed and height.  The stallion held no regard for the chick’s feelings and did nothing to comfort her, eager to see the look on his boss’ face when he saw her.

Soaring into the clearing near the city’s entrance, he came upon a giant blue tent that had been erected the day the train-carriage arrived.  The vehicle’s cars had been disconnected and sorted into rows depending on what were contained in them.  The employees were stationed on the left side of the big top and the supplies on the right, with the animals hidden from view in the back.  The animals took up the most space and were assorted in categories with the most dangerous animals in the very front where they could be supervised much easier--with the exception of one, which was in the very back, covered with tarp and shadowed by a group of trees.

Ears picking up the sound of bagpipes, he was able to single out Pendulum’s car.  Holding the unwilling chick in one foreleg, he raised the other to knock on the door and pushed it open without waiting for a response.

The screeching of bagpipes ceasing, the brown and orange unicorn offered a fatherly smile to his employee--and the creature in his hold.  He recognized the youngster instantly, but he wondered how he was able to acquire her.  Worry of a possible kidnapping began to pull at him.

“Sir! I found this wandering around the Everfree Forest, and I figured you might like it.”

The bout of worry was becalmed once he heard that the pegasus hadn’t committed abduction, but he was confused as to why the child had been wandering the Everfree Forest on her own.  Didn’t her mother know it was dangerous?  Nodding to the equine before him, he decided he wouldn’t allow this child into another hazardous situation again.

“Indeed I do, soon. And here I was aboout to scoold yoou foor barging in,” Pendulum said, setting aside his bagpipes and reached out to receive the chick.  Cradling her in his forelegs, he rocked her comfortably with a tranquil intonation to soothe her. “Yoou’ll be a fine additioon to the family, little lassie…”

Back at the aforementioned cloaked cage, a familiar red dragon was brooding.  His arms, legs, and neck were shackled and his chest and mid-section were wrapped in chains in order to prevent him from escaping his prison.  He was sitting on a stack of hay that served as a sleeping spot, currently looking through his scrapbook--having been doing so in an endless cycle.  His eyes welled up with tears as he stared at the pictures of his family and friends, the effects of heartbreak flaring up and yanking him deeper into the grips of depression.

“YOU LITTLE RAT!!” a horrible scratchy voice screeched out from the employee‘s side, followed by a very loud crash. “WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT GOING THROUGH MY THINGS!?”

Another loud, shattering CRASH could be heard, as if something was blown apart into a thousand tiny fragments.  A couple of seconds later, a small figure made a beeline for Smokey’s cage, slipping underneath the tarp and through the bars.  It was a filly--a very young filly; younger than Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, but obviously older than Chenoa.  The girl’s coat was the color of rust and her mane and tail a dirty pink.

She was not in the dragon’s vision for long, not seeming to notice him as she dug her way inside the hay pile.

Another second later saw another figure searching the vicinity of the cage.  Her figure, as outlined through the tarp, suggested to be that of an adult mare--somewhat tall and slender.

“YOU CAN’T HID FROM ME FOREVER!!!” she screamed. “You’re only making things worse for yourself the longer you hide!! When I find you I AM SO GOING TO BEAT YOUR FLANK!!”

She heaved, obviously very much enraged.


Smokey was startled by the outraged shouting, and was even more surprised by the sudden appearance of the filly.  He had been about to address her as she burrowed herself in his makeshift bed, but hearing the wrathful voice kept his mouth shut and he waited for her to stop.

There was a pause in which everything fell silent.  Minutes that felt like hours passed by as the figure crossed in front of the tarp several times--noise erupting as she violently upended crates and tossed things aside, apparently looking for the filly.

Releasing a long scream, she stormed off.

The draconian pinned his ear frills at the sheer volume of the mare’s voice that threatened to burst his eardrums.  Pushing the tarp aside with his tail just enough to take a peek outside, he watched the pony leave.  Heaving a sigh and moving his tail back to its primary place, he turned his attention to the portion of hay where the filly was stowed away.

“It’s all right, little one. You may come out now. She’s gone.”

There was a short lapse, before the tiny head poked out from the haystack.  She was shivering, and even though there was a slight chill in the air, it was evident she was shaking from terror than the actual temperature.

The filly was an earth pony.  Her neck frill, vest, and the bright red and white paint on her face suggested that she was employed as a clown.  Tottering out of the haystack, she glanced up at Smokey--and she gasped, slowly backing away in pronounced fear.

Despite the dragon’s initial depression, he forced a kind smile and spoke gently.

“It’s all right, sweetie. I will not hurt you.”

Eyes drawn to the awkwardly placed red on her face, coupled with his sense of smell, he was able to come to the conclusion that it wasn’t paint at all!

“You’re bleeding!” he gasped.  Quickly opening the scrapbook to a pair of blank pages, he ripped them out and soaked them in his bowl of water. “Here… Let me clean you up…”

The small filly was very reluctant.  She was terrified.  As she realized he wasn’t going to harm her, she hesitantly shuffled closer to him.

“That’s a good girl…” he crooned, very slowly touching the damp paper to the rivulet of blood.  Following it up, the reptilian was shocked to find a deep gash. “My goodness…! Who did this to you?”

She quaked, her eyes tearing up from the combination of pain and terror she was still experiencing.  She opened her mouth to try to speak, but all she was able to do was choke out a cry, and pointed a hoof to where the larger figure had disappeared just minutes earlier.

“Her, huh? I had a feeling it was her…” A burning anger seared through him as he continued to gently dab the filly’s gash. “Well… you’re welcome to come in here anytime she tries to harm you again… Or… anytime, really.”

The filly whimpered and huddled closer to Smokey.  She didn’t seem to want to leave in the first place, let alone continuously come back.  The fear in her eyes was palpable.  The elder mare, whoever she was, perceptibly terrified her.

Tossing the soiled paper aside, he tore out more of the sturdy pages and soaked them before resuming cleaning the child’s wound.  Seeing the tiny pony quake in fear inspired sympathy and a need to continue helping her.

“Who was that pony, anyway?”

She winced a bit as her injury was cleaned.  Tears sliding down her cheeks, she was silent for a good long moment before she finally calmed down enough to speak.

“S… si… sista,” she managed to squeak out.

“Sister? Your sister?” Smokey had a hard time believing that this little filly’s own sister would do such a thing to her. “Where are your parents? They shouldn’t be allowing your sister to hurt you.”

The filly blinked, appearing perplexed.

“Wutur purents?” she mumbled.

Smokey was absolutely shocked to hear this.  She didn’t know what parents were? How was this even possible?  He never had parents and he even knew what they were?  Surely, she should have been exposed to many foals and their parents if she was working for the circus.  Perhaps she was too young to understand?

“Parents are generally a mare and stallion who made you and take care of you.” He paused for a moment, jumping to the realization that this pony was an orphan. “Who takes care of you?”

Just by studying the resulting expression on the child’s face, Smokey could tell she didn’t understand him.

“Who feeds you? Gives you a place to sleep, comforts you when you’re sad or afraid?”

Understanding dawned on the child’s face and she gave a soft smile.

“Mista Pendum,” she said, almost immediately. “An’ Cookie, an’ Missus Perl, an’ Jambri, an’--”

She rattled off an entire list of names, a number of which may have sounded familiar to him.

“Those aren’t exactly parents. Are you saying you don’t have a pair of ponies who you call Mom and Dad?” he queried, sounding worried.

The blank expression returned to her visage and she shook her head.  The mystification in her eyes suggested she didn’t even know what a mom and dad were.

“A mom and dad are the two ponies who gave birth to you,” Smokey attempted to explain. “The mom is the mare and the dad is the stallion. Though, ponies can adopt a foal with no parents and call them their son or daughter. A son is the boy and a daughter is the girl.”

The red-scaled creature ceased as his mind drifted to Chenoa, tears pooling in his eyes.

“I… adopted a baby griffon with a sweet pegasus and called her my daughter…”

The filly still didn’t seem to understand, however she appeared to be getting rather bored with the conversation.  Yawning and looking drowsy, she moved to curl up by Smokey’s leg.  It was a bit warmer in the cage due to the tarp cutting off the wind and with the addition of the straw bedding, but she still shivered lightly.

She turned her gaze to the bars, but she was hesitant to leave.  The dragon stared down at the little equine for several moments before speaking again.

“You don’t have to go out there. You may stay with me, if you want. What is your name?”

The filly was startled somewhat, and turned her eyes up at the dragon.  She bit her lip, then spoke.

“T… Turra… Cotta,” she muttered.

“Terra Cotta…” he repeated, a tiny smile tugging at his lips. “That’s a beautiful name. My name is Smokey.”

“Smo… key,” the girl said, testing the name. “Smo-key!”

She giggled, breaking out into a smile.

Grinning down at the child, he dropped the bloody paper aside.

“At least your owie stopped bleeding. If only I had a bandage… You have a doctor here, right?”

“Doktur?” she repeated, puzzled again.  A look of recognition painted across her face a few seconds later.  She smiled and nodded, but one look at the bars and fear passed over her again.

He took a look at the filly’s gash once more.

“It should be fine without stitches.” The next thing he noticed was the child was slightly emaciated.  Smile dropping, he picked up the full loaf of bread that had been sitting next to his water dish and extended it out to her. “Hungry?”

Terra Cotta stared as if she hadn’t seen a loaf of bread before.  Gasping, her stomach audibly growled, and she nodded vigorously as her eyes shined with an inner light.

“Eat as much of it as you want. I can always tell Chuckles he is not giving me enough food,” he stated, holding out the loaf for her to take.

The filly was incredibly happy, and, tears in her eyes again, leaped at the loaf and tore it apart.  She began to swallow large chunks, not even taking the time to chew it.

“Oh! Careful, Terra Cotta! Please chew your food. I don’t want you to choke!” he warned, his eyes wide with anxious concern.

The loaf was already halfway eaten when Smokey’s exclamation reached her.  She frowned, her large, wet, glassy eyes staring up at him with a whimper escaping her.  Tenderly, she took small bites, huddling up on herself to prevent another scolding.

“It’s all right,” he reassured gently, offering her a smile. “I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

Sniffling, she whimpered again, but eventually started taking larger bites--and made sure she took her time to chew.  It didn’t take much longer before the loaf was fully consumed.  Stretching out with a yawn, she curled up near the dragon’s leg again and leaned against it as she closed her eyes.

“Awww… Here…” Leaning forward, he picked up Terra Cotta slowly as not to surprise her and set her down on his straw bed. “There… Comfortable?”

She gasped softly upon being picked up, and squirmed, but quickly calmed as she was placed upon the stack.  Murmuring something indecipherable, she turned around once and laid down on her stomach.  Lowering her head, she closed her eyes a couple seconds later.

Three minutes passed, and the breathing emanating from her told Smokey she was fast asleep.  Smiling down at the child as she slept, he curled up on what was left of the bed and unfolded a wing to drape it over her to keep her warm.  Sighing through his nostrils, he shut his eyes and drifted off.
The Lion and the Lamb, Chapter 72
After following a baby griffon into a dangerous situation, Fluttershy finds herself rescued by a kind-hearted dragon and ends up befriending him. Ultimately, they both decide to raise the child together in a platonic relationship. As Fluttershy and her friends spend time with the lonely dragon, the more he learns about friendship and the more he reveals about his tragic past.

Co-authored by: :iconekardshadowreaver:

Chapter One:…
After the season finale, I went to work on typing the first chapter of this fanfiction that :iconekardshadowreaver: and I have been working on since... he first season. Das right, mang! This does not mean I'm going to stop working on 'The Lion and the Lamb'. Nope! I started on chapter forty!…

Premise: Three centuries after Nightmare Moon's banishment, the tyrannical king from the dragon lands of Draconia arrives with his general to form an alliance with Equestria. During their stay, Princess Celestia connects with the young general, teaching him about friendship and everything that had been withheld from him during his life of deprivation.

Seven hundred years later, the Draconian king and general return, only for Princess Celestia to learn that she and everything she had taught her friend had been erased from his memory. Foraging an alliance, the general is left in Equestria to temporarily serve under the Equestrian Crown while the king puts his plans to invade in motion, creating secret ties with the Changelings. Princess Celestia attempts to rekindle her bond with the general, and with the help of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, teach him the magic of friendship.

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