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October 27, 2011
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Rhem WIP by CrazyRabidPony Rhem WIP by CrazyRabidPony
Another My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fancharacter. Hooray!

Name: Rhem

Age: 719 years (immortal, though there is a reason why)

Height: About two heads bigger than Princess Celestia

Colors: Light red with a pinkish underbelly and fiery orange eyes

Homeland: A dragon country outside of Equestria called Draconia

Occupation: Draconia's prized general

About Draconia: Under the rule of the tyrannical King Talonblaze and his council, it is a military country. Males and females are separated in different areas of the country in order to prevent "unwanted offspring".

The soldiers are split into three groups depending on their pedigree, physique, and abilities: Bronze Rank, Silver Rank, and Gold Rank; with the Gold Rank consisting of the least amount of individuals and the most selectively bred. Their education is limited; what ever doesn't have to do with warfare, combat, or anything of the like, was forbidden to be taught and considered a waste of time. This included casual social interactions (unless it was sparring with each other), basic literary skills (they were taught how to read maps, but that was pretty much it), the facts of life, ect. King Talonblaze believes that the less they know, the easier they will be to control. A small amount of the Gold Rank soldiers have a tiny bit of royal blood in their pedigree. Rhem has a couple of distant strains himself, but that is it. The dragon King made a deal with a demonic entity that all dragons who contain royal blood (which includes himself, his council, his general--Rhem--and a the aforementioned amount of Gold Rank soldiers) become immortal, so that he may rule Draconia for all eternity along with his council and well-bred soldiers serving him forever.

Females were especially forbidden for a number of reasons. At birth, all female infants are taken to a far-off area of the country and raised and trained as hunters, workers, and eventually breeders depending on their abilities, pedigree, and physical traits. The facts of life are withheld from the males and females unless they are selected to breed and have reached the retiring age of one thousand years old. If a dragon meets those conditions, he or she is taken away to the breeding quarters to live in solitary confinement until it can no longer produce strong enough offspring. When they no longer can, they are disposed of like trash. The only time a breeding male and female see each other is when it is time to breed. Once the female lays her eggs, they are immediately taken away to one of the hatcheries. Neither parents see or hear about their children.

Each soldier goes under the most rigorous, brutal, and emotionally traumatizing training one can imagine. Once a young dragon reaches two years of age, they are issued daily beatings to toughen them up. As they grow, the intensity of the beatings increase. At age five years, wounds are added. At ten years old, they receive stab wounds and broken bones. All of this is to desensitize them to pain and help them practice tending to their own injuries. If one cannot properly dress a wound or fix what ever ailment they have, they are allowed to develop infections and such.

Draconians are very strict with discipline. If one disobeys, they are punished severely. Their punishments are actually forms of torture to ensure the soldier never disobeys again. For instance, one lie equals one nail through the tongue. King Talonblaze has ruled for thousands of years with his council and they had plenty of time to concoct the sickest and cruelest of punishments. Though, all this time, the king has kept security extremely tight at the borders to ensure no one gets in or out, or that no information about how he rules his country to get out.

If a soldier isn't developing fast enough in physical appearance, training, or the like, he will most likely be disposed of. Those who reach retiring age, but do not meet the King's standards for breeding, he might qualify to be a guard, instructor, or supervisor. They would have to support his ideals in allowing the strong to survive and the weak to perish in order to fit the positions. After all, Talonblaze will only allow those who believe strongly in his ways are permitted to go into power.

While a typical Draconian soldier is a very formidable opponent, they are extremely weak to magic. Another big weakness is that the soldiers do not fight as a team, they fight for their own survival. If one soldier is in trouble, helping him is discouraged due to the King's beliefs that those who cannot defend themselves deserve death.

Rhem's Backstory: 700 years ago, King Talonblaze journeyed to Canterlot with Rhem in tow (who was nineteen years old at the time) to meet up with Princess Celestia. The dragon King had intentions on making Equestria his and using the land to build his army and the citizens for slaves and a steady food supply. After seeing a little bit of Equestria and how happy its citizens were, the country found its way into Rhem's heart, and opened his eyes that what was happening in Draconia wasn't right. He begins to look up to the Princess and becomes attached to her, even forming a sort of mother/son relationship. After Celestia had declined Talonblaze's offers to trade for land, he left with Rhem outraged and the young Draconian was devastated to be torn away from the only friend he ever had. Since then, Rhem had made a personal vow that he wouldn't allow anything to happen to Equestria. He did what ever he could to postpone and sabotage any of Talonblaze's plans to invade the equine country. Most of the time, he got away with it. When he was caught, he was punished severely. He became quite crafty and cunning through interfering with the King's schemes, and stronger and more tenacious as he endured the punishments. Had he not been specially bred and born specifically to be the King's prized general, he would have been put to death.

Rhem and Talonblaze--along with one of Draconia's finest captains--return 700 years later to offer a peaceful alliance and the Draconian General remembers nothing of his previous trip, including everything Celestia taught him and Celestia herself.

And so, with the addition of Rhem and Captain Swiftsilver temporarily added to Celestia's arsenal, they soon learn about Equestrian culture and the magic of friendship.
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